I’ve always enjoyed helping people achieve their goals and turn their dreams into reality.

I was an only child raised by a single mother that was possibly the best financial manager I’ve ever known. She worked for 42 years in a Mom & Pop Department store for a very modest salary, yet she always managed to save money and make sure we had everything we “Needed”! Not always “Wanted” but “Needed”!

I knew from a very young age I was an Entrepreneur! Not that there is anything wrong with working a “Job” and working for someone else, but I knew that was not for me and I wanted more! I started in the Mechanical Drafting program in Vocational School, got my first job as a draftsman designing underground mining equipment. From there I migrated into environmental engineering and consulting, where I spent 24 1/2 years, most of that with my own consulting and testing firms.

I first found Network Marketing in the early 1980’s, but even though I loved the concept, I didn’t do much with it back then. In 1997, I REALLY found network marketing! Built a team of 456 associates with a very good company that provided legal protection plans! I was hooked, but obligations with my environmental business kept me from maximizing my potential then! Fast forward to 2010 and everything changed! I was introduced to a health, nutrition, and weight loss company that was taking the industry by storm! Within a short period of time, had became a 6 figure income earner, my team had created over 1100 people earning between $500 and $1000 a month (I call them Thousandaires), 110 BMW Car qualifiers, and 6 Six Figure Income Earners.

I now operate a 71 Year Old Traditional Business as well as help people achieve their financial and time freedom goals thru both network marketing and other home based businesses!

Want to join me?